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Innovation within Technology Industry

We bring innovation in the design, deployment, and optimization of telecom and IT infrastructures and Systems

Business Consulting

I-CRITS brings successful experience of experts from Developing Business to Market Research and Structuring Financing

Public Finance Management

We integrate systems to ensure governments' efficiency from revenue collection to monitoring of public expenditures.

about company
We are an internationally recognized corporation providing businesses and governments with innovative turnkey solutions and programs to grow their profits, improve efficiency and services delivery, automate processes, while structuring and providing financing to implement and maintain these programs.

I-CRITS solutions and programs span from Information Technology and Telecommunication sector, Public Finances Management, Global Commodities Transactional Trade, to Business Development Consultancy.

On the regional market, I-CRITS is providing and maintaining the following solutions and programs:

  • Deployment, Integration, and Optimization of Telecom and IT Infrastructures and Systems
  • Business Digital Transformation and Processes Automation
  • Government Public Finance Management and Revenue Modernization
  • Commodities Transactional Trade and Fund Management
  • Business Development Consultancy.
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