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Proudly Microsoft Gold Certified Partner ..................

To become a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner (MCP)we had to prove that we are an independent organisation that provides the highest level of technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills.
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partners are reviewed annually and have to pass a rigid accreditation system to retain Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner status. We are looking forward to directing the benefits of this to our clients. As a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, we have shown that i-CRITS sprl encompasses a broad range of expertise and a real world perspective, which is helping us prioritize and effectively deliver our technology solutions to our clients.

Benefits of working with a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner: In addition to working with a reputable IT company that is certified by the world’s leading IT company, the list of benefits is endless, which is reflected in the outstanding custom development solutions i-CRITS sprl develops time and time again for its clients. Some of the many advantages Gold Certified Partner certification provides are:
- Working with an organisation that’s knowledge and proficiency are industry recognised.
- As a Gold MCP, i-CRITS sprl is part of an elite network and the knowledge and tools it receives from this network is transferred through its outstanding work to its clients.

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