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6. IP PABX and Telephony Solution.................

We design and integrate within our Clients premises pure IP PABX that provides clear and manageable telephone and fax services among all users, plus a capability of having an IP connectivity to any existing GSM Operators PABX Link equipment for all incoming and outgoing traffic to/from the client. If the GSM operator does not provide an IP Interface on its equipment, we do provide interfaces on our equipment that will link our IP system to the operator’s equipment telephone port.

This setup allows clients to have a clear manageable telephone system for all call filtering, forwarding, or call baring and on demand can generate any type of usage reports. The system integrates as well fax capability (FoIP) for clients requesting fax services.
Our PABX solution is based on SIP or SCM Technology and it is deployed using purely Cisco or Polycom equipment. We have on staff an experienced technical team dedicated to provide onsite training, support, and troubleshooting of all the system we deploy.


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