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All-Satellite Fleet and Asset Management Solutions (FMS)

Our FMS Solutions helps our clients achieve the following:


  1. Monitoring of their vehicles ANYWHERE in Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries in Africa in REALTIME
  2. Undertaking trip scheduling & route optimization by ensuring that the vehicles do not veer off their designated routes.
  3.  Improving safety & security of their vehicles, cargo & personnel by making use of FMS speeding & location information.
  4. Reducing on operating costs of staff overtime claims, Insurance premium and exaggerated fuel requisitions by using the FMS system information of vehicle operation times, reduced risk due to monitored locations and mileage covered respectively.

Our FMS solution includes a unit that will be installed on each vehicule and the unit communicates with both GPS and Irridium satellites every 3 seconds. All the vehicle information of location, speed, distance covered and direction will be viewed by the client on the FMS detailed street level D.R.Congo maps from a secured link on any computer with Internet connection. In addition to viewing the vehicle on the maps, users will be able to see the aerial view of the vehicles using the Google Satellite feature in the FMS System.

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