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Design, Integration and Optimization of IT Infrastructures

The design of an infrastructure is a strategic action that aims to put in place the foundations and the basic structures of the information system of a company or a governmental institution.

It is involved in projects for integrating new user services, deploying new applications, migrating computer systems or consolidating environments.

The modeling of a technical infrastructure must meet many challenges:

  • Increase the performance of the information system,
  • Guarantee the scalability of infrastructures,
  • Ensure optimal availability of the applications and services offered,
  • Mutualize environments,
  • Securing access to architectures,
  • Control integration and administration costs,
  • Increase the quality of service.

i-CRITS sarl offers a solution covering all the key actions of the design, integration, and optimization of an IT infrastructure:

  • The audit of IT environments;
  • The study of target architectures;
  • Advice and technology watch;
  • Optimization of computer systems;
  • The definition and formalization of technical implementation specifications;
  • Drafting systems integration procedures;
  • Definition of deployment strategies;
  • Accompaniment and/or implementation of architecture migrations.

We provide our clients with all the essential assets for the success of their projects, namely:

  • A high level of expertise;
  • A know-how and a quality approach;
  • Packaged offers based on best practices;
  • Control of means and qualified resources;
  • Knowledge capitalization and sharing;
  • Many references and feedback;
  • Partnerships with the main publishers on the market.

Our areas of intervention in the Design, Integration and Optimization of IT Infrastructures cover:

The network

Technical expertise missions on network architectures and means of communication of corporate networks (LAN, WAN, national and international Gateway); implementation of IPSEC/SSL VPN, QoS , Wifi, VoIP , VLAN, PKI, Load functionalities Balancing ,…


Management and technical expertise for the migration of system environments to Windows 2008/2012; implementation or consolidation of Active Directory directory services, Migration and optimization of Unix environments (IBM AIX, Sun Solaris); Modeling of the workstation environment and implementation of deployment/migration automation solutions.

Unified Communication systems

Migration and/or consolidation of messaging systems (Lotus and Exchange), interconnectivity of messaging and collaboration systems (SharePoint), integration and use of mobility solutions ( WebApp , Mobile App), data archiving.


Advice and implementation of San or Nas storage solutions (EMC, IBM, HP), study and management of backup infrastructure integration projects, deployment of blade servers , integration of high availability ( cloud , cluster), virtualization of computer systems ( Vmware , Hyper-V).

The thin client

Migration of Citrix Metaframe farms , Duplication of Citrix servers; expert missions for the publication of new applications; implementation of advanced features ( NFuse , SSO, load balancing ,…); audit and optimization of Citrix Metaframe infrastructures .


upgrading and optimization of RDBMS (Oracle, SQL); modeling of technical infrastructures; consolidation of application environments