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Our Collaboration with Ericsson Has Come To an End

W e are pleased to announce successful completion of 10-year collaboration with Ericsson performing various and cross platform hardware (Oracle SUN, HP, EMC) and system (Solaris, Linux, Windows) deployments including platform support for Ericsson’s Customer Units Airtel and MTN covering core clients critical systems: IN Node, OSS, HXC, MINSAT, AIR, OMBS, TIC Nodes, PDNS, EDNS, Link Control Boards.

We have successfully completed more than 50 projects

Yes we made it!!!

Over the past 10-Year collaboration with Ericsson, we have successfully completed more than 50 projects at Ericsson’s End Clients Airtel, MTN, and Africel Opcos in the following countries:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma) – Clients: Airtel & Africel
  • Republic of Congo (Brazzaville & Pointe Noire) – Clients: Airtel & MTN
  • Zambia (Lusaka) – Clients: Airtel & MTN
  • Rwanda (Kigali) – Client: MTN
  • Gabon (Libreville) – Client: Airtel
  • Swaziland – Client: MTN

“It was a very challenging experience but we did enjoy collaborating with great teams at Clients’ Opcos providing project supervision especially when some of the projects required a complete system shut down for major systems maintenance and upgrades to be performed during night maintenance windows.”




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